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Let's bring the beauty and sensuality of antique sculptures into your home.

Our lives are rapidly becoming more digital by the day, with everything being reduced to a mere click away. We have forgotten the beauty of our past, the lessons we learned, and the art we created. Yet, it still surrounds us, in the cities we live in, in the museums we visit, and in the streets we walk by.

Sculptures and public statues are an integral part of our cultural heritage, representing countless hours of research, sketching, and hard work. Most of us don't even know the purpose behind each statue, the historical, mythological or erotic references that inspired them, or the reactions that they provoked when they were first exhibited.

Antique Sculptures are part of us

At Antique Desire, we want to reintroduce you to the beauty of antique sculptures with a fresh perspective, as we aim to educate and enlighten.
We provide a detailed historical and artistic context for each sculpture, allowing you to experience the emotions that people felt long ago. We believe that art has the power to develop one's imagination, feelings, anger, happiness, and sensuality. Our goal is to bring all of these emotions into your home.

While some call for the cancellation of certain parts of our culture. We believe it is important to remember our past, both the good and the bad, in order to learn from it, remember it and ensure that we do not repeat same past mistakes.
We hope that by revisiting our past, we can educate and inspire future generations to appreciate and build upon the best of our cultural heritage.


Antique Desire prints quality and content information


Focus on the art. Develop your imagination. We take care of the quality!

At Antique Desire, we believe that art is not just something to be viewed, but an experience to be felt. We have worked hard to ensure the quality of our products.
Our ready-to-hang framed posters come in 250 gsm matte (uncoated) off-white museum-quality archival paper.
The high standard wood frames include shatterproof, transparent plexiglass, a hanging kit for both portrait and landscape orientations, and are designed to be directly hung on the wall.

By collaborating with local partners, we are able to reduce waste, costs, and carbon emissions. Our printing partners use cutting-edge technology, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly local shipping providers.

 Ready to hang posters