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Carré des Niobides

Carré des Niobides

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The "Carré des Niobides" is a sculpture by French artist Michel Bourbon. The fountain surrounded by statues are casts of antiques found in a reserve and restored by the restorer sculptor Michel Bourbon, a friend of Balthus. The original antiques had been sent to Florence in 1770.
This work which represents the mythological scene of the Niobides, the children of Nobiée and Amphion killed by Apollo and Artemis, is remarkable for the successful alliance between Nature and Art. The Scene is highly expressive with the sad fate reserved for those who dare to challenge the power of the Gods! In Greek mythology, Niobe, wife of the king of Thebes, Amphion, and proud mother of seven sons and seven daughters, mocked Leto, who had given birth onlyto Apollo and Artemis. The latter, in revenge, killed the children of Niobe with arrows. It was then that Niobe asked and obtained from Zeus to bec hanged into a weeping statue.


Michel Bourbon (1938-2014) was trained at the School of Fine Arts in Tours, former resident of the Villa Medici in Rome. Restoring the stones that others, more illustrious, had sculpted under the protection of kings. Touching and retouching works that had a past, walls that still screamed the history they had lived.

Year of creation

1961, XX century


Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

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Ready-to-hang Framed Poster with museum-quality paper.
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- Includes a hanging kit, to hang in both portrait and landscape orientations.
- For indoor use
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